PDS for Rubber band Launcher (concept selection)

Concept selection


After we have generate the previous 11 concepts, we have done the screening and scoring to find out which concept is best to be selected as our final product. The criterias that have been chosen consist of how to made the product (manufacturing processes) and the most important of all, the performance . We have compared the concepts’ criteria that we have to a patent that have been purchased as a reference (datum).

Criteria justification

Criteria are divided into 2 main aspects:


Ease of fabrication

- how easy it is to be fabricated. Depends on the complexity of the concept.

Material used

– number of material used to make the device. Less is better.

Manufacturing process required

– if the device’s concept is complex, it needs more manufacturing processes which is worse.


– cheaper material is better.


Ease of use

- how easy it is during the launching procedure.

Ease of handling

- the portability of the device.

Ease of rubber band attachment

- the easiness to insert the rubber band to make the device ready to be used.

Human factor independence

– the less the effect of user, the better the human factor independence is.

Number of rubber band launched

- the device that consists many rubber band holders is better


- How accurate the device is going to hit the predescribed target.

Concept screening based on example:

Concept 3 (2-3-3)

Ease of fabrication (+1)

-the shape of the concept is less complex than the datum.

Material used (0)

-it uses wood and plastic (as holder) which is the same with the datum which uses wood and plastic (as trigger).

Manufacturing process required (0)

-It only need wooden process (sawing and others) so the difficulties faced to produce it may relatively the same with the datum.

Ease of use (-1)

-For this device we need to snap the rubber band using our own finger compared to the datum which only need us to pull the trigger. (To launch precisely, we need to maintain the movement of it during the snapping).

Ease of handling (0)

-Both are portable and light.

Ease of rubber band attachment (-1)

-For this concept, we need to place the rubber band to a wood attached to the body. And then, pull the wood and hold it. Compare with the datum, we only need to stretch the rubber band to the holder which is easier.

Human factor independence (0)

-To aim the target, both need human ability to launch precisely.

Number of rubber band launched (+1)

-the datum can only launch a rubber band at once while the concept can launch multiple bands.

Costing (0)

-Both cost approximately equal price

Precision (0)

-Both stretch the rubber band at the center of the device.

Weight justification for concept scoring

Ease of fabrication (0.05)

-Not too important because the concepts for the devices are not very complex as we think we are able to fabricate them.

Material used (0.1)

-Important to use light material such as wood to make the user easy to handle and aim the target.

Manufacturing process required (0.05)

-Not too important because it is not very difficult to machine wood.

Ease of use (0.1)

-Important to make the device efficient especially during the reloading and launching procedure.

Ease of handling or portability (0.1)

-Important to provide the user enough flexibility to aim the target.

Ease of rubber band attachment (0.1)

-Important for rapid repeated reload of the rubber band

Human factor independence (0.1)

-Important for consistent launches.

Number of rubber band launched (0.15)

-Not too important criteria because we can make different device for different competition.

Costing (0.05)

-Not too important to take care of because we prefer to use wood (cheap).

Precision (0.2)

-One of the most important performance aspects to reach the main goal of the device produced.

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